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Darrell •  Jones •  Stylist 

Los Angeles - New York 


Darrell (pronounced like Pharrell) is a bicoastal celebrity fashion stylist. He is a native of Houston, TX. Since the age of 4 Darrell has known that a person can convey exactly what they are feeling or who they are by what they choose to put on their backs. His fascination/love affair with fashion started at a very early age. His days in front of the camera he would visit his agency often and the agents would ALWAYS comment on his style. They would say, “We look forward to you visiting because we want to see what you are wearing.” That sparked something in Darrell that never left & the rest Is history. Darrell resides at the epicenter of where Luxury, NYC Boroughs and Tokyo Street Fashion collide. His exceptional taste, point of view, attention to detail & obsession with fashion is what makes Darrell Darrell. Onward & Upward!!


Maktub: It is written.

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